Temoc Whooshing

The Whoosh

The Whoosh is the UT Dallas signature sign, an understood language between Comets.

The salute is named the Whoosh because it is the sound a comet would make if there was sound in space. The gesture honors the campus mascot, Temoc, whose name is comet spelled backward.

Invented in the early 1990s, the Whoosh has become a way for UT Dallas students to show campus unity. The University began teaching the Whoosh at new student orientation in 2005, and it is now embraced as the symbolic gesture for all students and alumni.

How to Whoosh

  1. Make a fist with your left hand and put it in front of your mouth.
  2. Then extend your right arm out and slightly upward, with palm down and fingers extended.
  3. Finally, give a quick lean to the left, and say “WHOOSH!”

The Mini Whoosh

The mini Whoosh is a quick way to show campus spirit and solidarity without drawing too much attention.

It resembles a tiny shooting comet, and it is designed for those times when you are unable to do the full Whoosh or just need a more subtle version.

The mini Whoosh is similar to making the “OK” symbol, with thumb and first finger making the “O,” but with the other three fingers extended horizontally above the “O” to represent the tail of the comet.